Stabilization before Transportation


We want to make sure You get the help They deserve!

Sir, your canine partner is one of the most beneficial assets an agency like yours can invest in! A CANINE TRAUMA KIT is specifically designed to be a "one stop shop", when your on the go! 


Well stocked for Non- medical personnel!

Everything we have included in this donation of a Canine TRAUMA Kit is there because your partner may need it at one point or another. On the job, there is no need for commercialized filler or fluff in a Canine first aid kit! Is your canine going to need 40 band-aids, a prepackaged  arm sling, canvas dog stretchers or chest decompression needles when it's just you and them? No. They need you to be equipped with the tools that fit your level of skill when it comes to stabilizing a critical injury or addressing minor Canine First Aid situations. Each kit includes an unboxing video conducted by Certified Veterinary Technician  Charlotte South



 Do you own your own business? Are you looking for a tax deduction to lower your personal taxable income? I'll have  you know that all donations, personal or business sponsorship, are tax deductible? You can help us donate these to a K-9 Officer in your city!

Contributing Sources include:

Pet Crusader logo

Pet Safety Crusader

K-9 Jojo E.O.W. 1-6-16

Pet Safety Crusader

Has provided a Canine Medical Guide included in every Kit


Medical Supplier

K-9 Jojo E.O.W. 1-6-16

Pet Safety Crusader

Has provided a Multi-tool medical device


K-9 Jojo E.O.W. 1-6-16

K-9 Jojo E.O.W. 1-6-16

K-9 Jojo E.O.W. 1-6-16

Dedicated in memory of San Bernardino County Bomb Detection Canine Jojo

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